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Experience the evolution of manufacturing at the Smart Manufacturing World Summit in Stuttgart, Germany. As the industry transitions towards sustainability, efficiency, and digitalization within the circular economy framework, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Join us to explore the future of manufacturing and discover how smart technologies are reshaping the industry landscape. From sustainable practices to digital innovations, this summit offers a comprehensive look at the latest trends and strategies driving manufacturing excellence.

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As a sponsor of Smart Manufacturing World Summit, a global gathering of industry professionals to discuss the latest trends in smart manufacturing, Solvace is committed to promoting the advancement of smart manufacturing and providing innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Discover the future of manufacturing sustainability, efficiency, and digitalization within the circular economy framework

DATE: April 3rd - 5th

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Gain firsthand insights from Jason Stokes, Solvace's CCO and discover actionable approaches to enhance productivity and collaboration within your organization. Be sure to mark your calendar and prioritize attendance at this enlightening session!

DATE: April 3rd, at 17h15 CET

The impact of Digital OpEx beyond Connecting the Frontline Workers

In manufacturing, top-tier performance is often attributed to Operational Excellence* (OpEx) programs. OpEx programs establish a standardized language for work processes and drive continuous improvement. Companies such as Toyota (TPS), P&G (IWS), and DuPont (DPS) are good examples of best in class OpEx programs delivering superior results in all PQCDSM dimensions.
A critical aspect of OpEx is integrating the various organizational stakeholders - Quality, HSE, HR, E&T - under a unified umbrella, breaking down the functional silos not just at a site level, but also regionally and globally - connecting people of different levels and sites from different locations.
And these aspects should not be different when digitizing OpEx. Rather than relying on fragmented and localised software applications, functions and personnel at different levels and sites should be working and collaborating across a shared digital platform leveraging the essence of OpEx.
This session will showcase practical examples on how leading companies in different sectors like Mondelez, Loreal, Lindt, Haleon, Gerdau,.. have harnessed integrated OpEx digital platforms to drive world class manufacturing by connecting digitally the whole organizations and operations.
* Operational Excellence = Lean, WCM, TPM, Continuous Improvement, Production System,... 

Keynote Speaker

Jason Stokes is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Solvace. Jason brings an impressive background of over 25 years' of experience in building and leading high-performance, customer-facing teams. His functional expertise has evolved from business analyst, through to sales, then on to building go-to-market teams in professional services and industrial software solutions in global markets. Jason’s experience spans across all industry sectors and markets, having worked closely with C-suite customers globally. Jason is based near Bristol in the UK.

Jason Stokes

CCO, Solvace

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